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Commercial Associates


Global Fresh Trading SAS has a large presence on the German and Russian markets. In Germany, we supply all the principal supermarket chains through our association of more than 15 years with Cobana Fruchtring GmbH. In Russia we are among the top 3 providers by volume, covering federal and regional supermarket chains across the country.


Our main suppliers produce bananas on more than 5,000 hectares of latest generation plantations.












Palmar Group, the biggest of our suppliers, has a full complex of agro-industrial facilities at its disposal, including the production of cardboard (Incarpalm), plastic packaging (Palmaplast), fumigation (Icapar) and fertilizers (Fertipalma).


This abundant production infrastructure of fruit and materials, as well as controlled fumigation, allow our associate producers to guarantee a quality product as well as greater flexibility and capacity to meet client orders.



Global Fresh Trading acquired years of logistics expertise when it merged with French broker East Marine France, established in 1992. Today, our internal logistics department provides best-in-class delivery capabilities that support secure and cost-effective supply for our clients. We collaborate with reefer and container carriers. Our principal logistics associates are leaders in their field and include Seatrade (18 years of cooperation), Baltic Shipping/Cool Carriers (20 years of cooperation), Hamburg Sud (five years of cooperation), Maersk, MSC, and CMA-CGM. 


Our expertise in transport operations and our solid relationships with shipowners allow us to provide a wide selection of routes for weekly shipments from Central and South America to European and Russian markets. Below is a selection of some of our ports of departure and arrival.

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