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Our Fruit

Bananas: From El Oro with love.

Eighty percent of our bananas are sourced from Palmar’s plantations in El Oro, Ecuador. The unique chemical composition of soil in the regoin combined with temperatures fluctuating between 18.5C and 35.5C make this is an ideal location for banana cultivation. Irrigation is made abundan by the numerous small and big rivers crossing the area from the Andes to the Pacific.


These advantages combined with the experience of our Ecuadorean associates, allow them to produce 40 to 60 boxes of bananas per hectare per week, which is considerably above the 30-box average for Ecuador as a whole.

Aside from cooperating with Ecuadorean banana growers, Global Fresh Trading develops production on plantations located in northeast Brazil. For several years now, we’ve also been working with producers from Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Mexico, with whom we’ve established trusting bonds.


Our firm manages the commercialization of conventional and organic bananas under the brand names Pretty Liza, Mama Negra, Cobana, Rewe, Tropicana, Victoria Regia, Gogol Mogol, Sigal, Spicy and many others.

To obtain more information about banana production, download our Tourist Guide to a Banana Plantation (only available in Spanish) and take a virtual tour of the plantations of one of our associate producers, Palmar Group.

Toursit Guide to a Banana Plantation

Virtual Visit to Palmar's Plantations

Pineapples: The flavor of Los Rios.

Our Golden Sweet (MD2) variety pineapples come from our partner Pirecuasa - Piñas Ricas del Ecuador S.A., located in Los Rios, Ecuador. The company's 450-hectare plantation allows us to export an average of 5 containers of this delicious fruit per week, reaching up to 30 containers during the holiday season.

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