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Who We Are

A view for the long term.


Global Fresh Trading SAS is legally registered in France with a social capital of €3.1M.


The firm was founded in 2009 following the merging of five international companies trading bananas and fresh fruit. Operating in various international markets since 1996, these companies belonged to the current and sole shareholder of Global Fresh Trading.


The activities of the firm are carried out strictly within the legal framework of France and the European Community. Annual financial reports of Global Fresh Trading are publicly available.

Global Fresh Trading and its suppliers, most of which are direct producers, have always maintained a long term view. Our joint mission is to offer a professional and reliable service through the creation of lasting relationships with producers and exporters of fruit, on the one hand, and international distributors, on the other hand.


Ninety percent of final receivers of fruit exported through Global Fresh Trading are supermarket chains in various countries of the European Community, Russia, Ukraine and Central Asian countries. Among the final receivers are well-known chains such as ALDI, REWE, ERICA, BILLA in Europe, as well as all the main federal and regional supermarket chains in Russia – MAGNIT, X5, DIKSI, BILLA, MONETKA, OK RETAIL, MARIA RA and others.


These are complex and very demanding clients who require day-to-day support, personal attention, mutual trust, transparency and reliability in commercial relations.


However, in today’s turbulent and unstable world, only these clients possess the necessary conditions for permanent, stable and lasting commercial cooperation. For this reason, our firm focuses only on producer-exporter companies that work on the basis of annual contracts and avoid speculation and spot market purchasing.


Annual contracting is one of the pillars of our activity that has allowed us to thrive in the markets for 20 years.

At the beginning of the journey.

Global Fresh Trading was founded in France in 2009 with the goal of expanding the presence of Ecuadorean and South American fruit in Western Europe. However, our story began much earlier.


On March 26, 1996, Ecuadorean company Palmar Agro-Comercio loaded its first vessel, the “Aquila-2”, with course to St. Petersburg, Russia. The vessel left Puerto Bolivar with 125,000 boxes of bananas of the “Galapagos” brand on board. At that moment, all of Palmar’s operations were located in a small office in the town of El Guabo, El Oro province.


The Russian counterpart of this transaction was represented by the current manager and sole shareholder of Global Fresh Trading. This was the start of a journey of cooperation that has lasted for 20 years.

Making the world a better place.


At Global Fresh Trading we are fully aware that agricultural production depletes natural resources and puts a strain on our planet and on agricultural employees. Therefore, it is fundamental for companies such as ours to promote ecologically as well as socially conscious agriculture.


In an effort to lessen their ecological footprint, our associate producers use sustainable packing materials and fertilizer. Their facilities are GlobalG.A.P. certified and some of our plantations are also Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade certified. We hold the safety and welfare of our employees above all else.

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